Driver Licencing & Competency

Could one of your drivers be driving on a suspended or disqualified licence? You would think the answer is definitely “No”. But when is the last time you actually checked?

Most drivers are law abiding and wouldn’t dream of driving while disqualified. However, we’ve all heard stories of drivers who have lost their licence but decide to take the risk and keep driving to avoid losing their income. You need to be certain that none of your drivers are suspended or disqualified because the potential cost to your business is huge.

How do you check?

To be reliable, drivers licence checks need to be done through your Road Authority (VicRoads, Roads & Maritime Services, Dept of Transport and Main Roads etc).  Sighting the physical copy of the licence isn’t enough.

Road Authority Demerit Point checks by State:

All of these Authorities have a method of instantly checking demerit point status either online or with automated phone services – which is explained on their respective websites. Understandably there are strict privacy provisions around the use of these services. The licence holder must give explicit permission for any other party to access personal information about demerit points. For example, in Victoria, VicRoads have a form on their website ‘Consent to Release Information from VicRoads Records’ which gives authority to another party to be given demerit point information.

Do you have procedures in place?

What if a driver is low on points and one more penalty could mean loss of the drivers’ licence? Do you have procedures in place to address this scenario?

The CoR Comply Driver Licencing and Competency Policy & Procedure provides a process for Operators to collect licences, maintain up to date information about licence status, what to do when demerit points are low (‘at risk drivers’) and driver competency and how to implement this in your business.

Do you have unlicenced or incompetent drivers? The potential cost to your business of not properly managing these two important aspects of heavy vehicle operation is huge.

How can CoR Comply help?

The CoR Comply Driver Licencing and Competency Policy & Procedure is part of the Heavy Vehicle Driver Package. This also includes a Driver Handbook and Competency Assessment, Fitness for Work, Drug and Alcohol Policies & Procedures, Induction Checklist and Training Matrix. Everything you need to onboard drivers and set your expectations around safety and compliance.