OHS Body of Knowledge

In February 2014, I was fortunate to be invited to participate in a focus group for the development of a new chapter in the OHS Body of Knowledge on Organisational Culture. For non-OHS people, the Body of Knowledge consists of 43 chapters covering OHS concepts, theories and evidence and is used as the basis for accreditation and education programs.

The focus group was conducted by Dr David Borys, safety educator, researcher and consultant who was my lecturer at Ballarat University when I completed a Graduate Diploma in Occupational Hazard Management. David has published some 25 research papers and is recognised globally as a leading OHS researcher and thought leader.

After the workshop, I was invited to be the contributing author to the Body of Knowledge chapter on Organisational Culture as it related to small/medium business. My colleague Rod Maule, who had also studied at Ballarat Uni was selected as the contributing author as a general reflection on the chapter and its application for the OHS professional in practice. If anyone reading this knows Rod, you will know it was quite an honour to be considered alongside him as a worthy contributor.

How is this story related to the CoR Master Code?

On page 12 of the Master Code, the Organisational Culture chapter of the Body of Knowledge is referenced in providing the definition of culture as ‘the way we do things around here’. I instinctively use this knowledge when I’m working a with business and consider how they ‘do things’ and this is the lever to get them to ‘do new things’ too. The new things now are generally systems and practices to comply with the CoR reforms.

It’s rewarding to have my safety systems and culture background officially unite with the new CoR world.