Compliance Simplified

CoR Comply is a fully prepared Safety Management System you can simply purchase, download and brand for your business ready to implement.
With CoR Comply, transport operators can easily verify to Regulators and Supply Chain Partners compliance with the Chain of Responsibility provisions in the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

CoR Comply is proving to be the perfect compliance solution for small transport operators. Read why here.

CoR Comply is the new industry standard for helping transport companies navigate the complexity of Chain of Responsibility Safety Management.

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The safety management experts behind CoR Comply have dissected and simplified the CoR reforms introduced in 2018 to develop the most streamlined CoR Safety Management System.

There’s no need to spend hours trying to write policies and procedures – the CoR Comply experts have done all the hard work for you.

Simply purchase, download, brand, then follow the Implementation Checklist that comes with every package to make CoR compliance part of your everyday operations.

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4 simple steps to CoR compliance:


Review our packages and decide what you need.


Pay by credit card for immediate download.


Brand and customise the documents to your business.


Follow the Implementation Checklist that comes with every package to implement CoR Comply in your business

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  • Our experts fully understand safety, risk and transport
  • Our documents are easy to read and understand – there’s no software or logins
  • Our Packages are purpose-built to meet the Heavy Vehicle National Law and Master Code of Practice
  • Our legal team monitors precedents in contractor management, safety and CoR prosecutions, so we always have the most up-to-date interpretation of how the law is being applied
  • We’re here to help with ongoing support and assistance
  • You can manage your business with confidence and let customers know that with CoR Comply, it’s business as usual.


Not sure what product you need? Click the button below to use our Risk Diagnostic tool for instant results.

CoR Comply is structured around the HVNL and Industry Master Code of Practice. There are 5 packaged modules which can be purchased individually, or together as a whole system with 25% discount applied. Simply download documents, brand, roll-out – no software needed.

Add expert support services

Once you’ve selected your products, choose which level of support you’ll need to stay current and effectively implemented. Need help? Just ask.


$ FREE 1 month implementation support
  • Unlimited phone/email system support for 1 month


$ 150 monthly
  • Ongoing phone/email support including up to 5 queries per month
  • Monthly ‘Toolbox Meeting’ topic by email
  • Members Discount for Annual Audit to monitor effectiveness of system implementation


Safety expertise and extensive transport industry experience

The CoR Comply team is led by Denise Zumpe, a safety systems and culture specialist, author, and speaker with 10+ years of hands-on experience in road transport.

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We’re pleased to hear from you

Let us know if you have further questions about CoR Comply or need help with any specific needs. Our transport industry compliance experts are available to help with implementation and consultancy projects. You can talk to an expert directly by calling 1300 880 931.